400 Rabbits

Centzon Tōtōchtin


Hang around Mezcalnauts long enough, and you’ll undoubtably hear the Aztec legend of the 400 Rabbits, mischevious characters who show up whenever people drink booze.

Here’s our version:

Aztec Patecatl, a god of medicine, fertility, agave and the discoverer of peyote, had a drunken fun night with Mayahuel.

Mayahuel, personification of agave, also a fertility god and god of alcohol, gave birth to Centzon Tōtōchtin, 400 rabbits.

Being a god and all, instead of breast milk, she nursed them with pulque, the fermented netcar of the agave plant. 

These rabbit children, being gods themselves, had a serious responsibilty: guard and protect all agave-based spirits. Instead, though, they decided to drink them and basically became drunks, especially since they were already a little buzzed from being nursed with alcohol.

So these rabbits grew up to be mischevious gods.

Legend has it that whenever you drink alcohol from an agave plant (like Mezcal or Tequila) one or more of them will inhabit you and control the “type” of drunk you get.

Until recently, only about 7 of the original Rabbits had been identified. 

Recently, La Barca discovered all 400…


Is there some type of drunk that we forgot? Let us know!

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