Sacred Agave

La Barca Cantina & SACRED

The Taco Boat Gives Back!

We’ve teamed up with SACRED to curate the perfect trio of agave spirits that will directly help fund improvements in rural Mexican Communities.

Saving Agave for Culture, Recreation, Education, and Development

S.AC.R.E.D. is a not-for-profit that helps improve quality of life in the rural Mexican communities where heritage agave spirits are made. In 2022, they provided funding and engineering support to the community of Santa Maria Ixcatlan, Oaxaca, for the build-out of a rain-harvest system that has helped to mitigate water-insecurity.

Now they are seeking to support the same community in the build-out of a library and learning center for the local language, Ixcatec, which is at-risk of disappearing. Your purchase of this flight provides funding to that effort!

THE S.A.C.R.E.D. AGAVE FLIGHT        $35

Ixcateco Papalome | Mal Bien Alto | El Tigre Paplote
Available for purchase from our drink menu on all cruises.

50% of this flights sale is donated to S.A.C.R.E.D. Agave to directly support their mission & programs in Mexican communities.

Meet the spirits of our S.A.C.R.E.D. flight!

Ixcato Papalome

Made by Amando Alvarado Alvarez, who cooks his Papalometl (agave potatorum) underground in a stone-lined earthen oven for five days; mills that cooked agave by hand using wooden mallets; ferments the milled agave open-air, using wild yeasts, in bull-skin fermenters; distills the fermented agave in 60-liter clay pot stills.

Mal Bien Alto (May 2021)

Isidro Rodriguez makes this spirit in Rio de Parras, Michoacan, by cooking his Alto (agave inaequidens) underground in a stone-lined earthen; mills that cooked agave by hand using axes; ferments the milled agave open-air, using wild yeasts, in wells in the ground; distills the fermented agave in copper caso stills.

In 2021, SACRED funded the community of Rio de Parras to build an outdoor, covered activity center that serves as a space for religious fiestas, family celebrations, and basketball and soccer for the young adults. The women in town take their morning walks around the space.

El Tigre Paplote

This spirit is made in Guerrero, a state with a long tradition of using agave to make mezcal — but very little of it actually leaves the state.

This year, SACRED is providing funding for the community in the Chilapan region where this spirit is distilled to dig a well. Like much of Mexico, the community is suffering from water insecurity. With funding from 818 Tequila, they’ll be able to mitigate their water problems.

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